Telecom Builder 3

Commerx Corporation | Posted 4-05-2021

San Juan ()

This position requires knowledge of and a moderate amount of field experience in basic building and construction of telecommunications hardware at the customer site. This individual must be very competent in the physical build activities and must be able to lead the building the product utilizing job specifications and drawings with little or no guidance from others. This individual has the ability to lead others and to direct assignments to meet delivery commitments to customer and may also perform power verification and preliminary hardware testing of out of service equipment. He/she must possess the knowledge and the abilities enabling him/her to complete the following responsibilities of the position and must be able to direct others in these activities:
Understands and applies constant vigilance to established Client and customer safety practices. Understands and applies constant vigilance to established Client and customer Quality standards and practices. Has the ability to implement quality control processes. Understands and applies constant vigilance to following Client Installation Methods and/or Technical Publications. Never puts customer service at risk by deviating from these documents. Inventory of all job-related material. Demonstrates proper use of tools. Performs all physical and mechanical installation activities. Performs power and grounding installation on equipment, per the Installation Methods. May be required to travel away from home for several weeks with very little advance notice. \'Evening\' or \'Night\' shift work required upon demand, often with very little advance warning. Physical lifting of a minimum of 25 pounds is required. Conducts work assignments, communicates, dresses and assists customer in a professional manner. Reads and stays current on installation documentation. Reads and interprets Engineering specs, prints, and drawings.
Candidate should have good experience in DMS-100, G9, G6, G5 installation and removal
Familiar with Verizon and Ribbon standards Running and terminating Copper cable on DSX Running and connecting fiber cables Running and terminating power cables Experience in cable forming and placement Provides their own hand tools